<h2>La Finta Giardiniera, W.A.Mozart at the Opera House Bern</h2>
”… The tension of the premiere never sank, to what the reductions also helped. And the conductor Dorian Keilhack got the small, but fine formation of the Bern Symphony to an emotional and agile music making.”

<em>Opernglas, May 2010</em>

<h2>Romeo and Juliet, S.Prokofjev at the Opera House Bern</h2>
“… The première listeners honoured the dancing performance and the excellent musical accompaniment under the conducting of Dorian Keilhack with frenetic applause.”

<em>Berner  Zeitung, October 2009</em>


“…. The Bern Symphony under the conductor Dorian Keilhack intensifies the striking music of Prokofjev with subtle entries of its instruments in emotional extreme and illustrates the aggravating drama with atmospheric soli.”

<em>Berner Bund, October 2009</em>

<h2>Summer Night’s Dream, B.Britten at the Opera House Bern</h2>
“…. Then the music comes in with its soft string glissandi, which let loose the ground under Puck’s feet in the sensible, sonorous interpretation of the Bern Symphony under the conductor Dorian Keilhack.”

<em>Opernwelt, June 2008</em>

<h2>Symphony C Minor, J.Brahms</h2>
“… brilliant,  to take the timpani threatening loud, convincing the urging in the strings, wonderful harmonious the dramatic concept, not only in tempo and dynamics… the audience was fired with enthusiasm by the highly intense and with  rich nuances played ending of the symphony with its wide tension. Not only had I felt: One never heard this symphony so impressively and clearly.”

<em>Fränkischer Tag, July 2007</em>

<h2>Oedipus Rex, I.Strawinsky at the “Augenspieltheater”, Hall (Austria)</h2>
“… The magnificent musical performance of the Tyrolean Ensemble for New Music under the conductor Dorian Keilhack was the point on the letter “i”, that caused the not ending applause.”

<em>Der Kurier, May 2004</em>

<h2>Powder Her Face, T.Ades at the Opera House Innsbruck</h2>
“The Tyrolean Symphony under the thrilling conducting of Dorian Keilhack played the performance diabolically. The première audience reacted with minutes long applause.”

<em>APA- Austria Presseagentur, April 2004</em>